Book Cover: Offside

They're both looking for a fresh start, but can they ever truly leave their pasts behind them?

Lance Harper knows how much the limelight can burn. A rising star who found all his NFL dreams coming true right out of high school, Lance crashed hard, pulled down by a string of bad decisions. Now, hiding from the media circus in Eastshore, Lance wants nothing more than to be left alone. But that all changes when a chance encounter brings him to the Tigers' practice field.

Beau Woodridge figured out early on that being forgettable gets you nowhere. With a little bit of liquid courage and a willing audience, Beau's managed to climb to the top of Eastshore's social circles, but the field is another story. After an awful season, Beau's NFL dreams seem barely in reach, and the lack of an offensive coach has left him directionless. But when a meeting with Lance leads the pro star straight to the Tigers payroll, Beau suddenly finds his path forward.

Desperate to escape his troubled home life, Beau convinces Lance to mentor him. What starts as hero-worship quickly grows into a strong attraction--one Beau is shocked to discover isn't as one-sided as he thought. And when the spark between them finally ignites, coach and player are pulled into a secret romance.

But it's only a matter of time before Lance's celebrity status forces their relationship into the spotlight. The sudden attention may be more than either can handle, and if they want to stay together, they'll have to take on the prying eyes of the whole world--and the demons that still lurk in their pasts.

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